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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Other classes this summer...

If you have been unable to sign up for the Quilter's Academy series- this summer you can learn some of the basics with Carrie- she will be teaching her Working on Grain, Rotary Cutting Basics and Mastering Your Seam Allowance classes on Saturday's this summer. The classes cover the fundamentals that make the Quilter's Academy series students so successful in all their quilting endeavors.
Harriet will also be teaching a few of her basic classes like Binding Basics and Heirloom Machine Quilting.

Beat the heat and join us this summer for one or all of these great classes- learn some new techniques or refine your skills- either way it these are fun offerings to keep you quilting this summer!

Working on Grain
Grain line is critical to accurate piecing. Join Carrie and learn a wonderful and easy way to straighten your fabric before cutting.
Friday July 9th 2-4:30pm
Carrie Hargrave $30

Rotary Cutting Basics
Learn how to properly hold a rotary cutter and to cut accurately. Ruler shortcuts will be included.
Friday July 16th 2-4:30pm
Carrie Hargrave $30

Mastering an Accurate Seam Allowance
Are your 12” blocks “exactly” 12” when finished? If they aren’t - you need this class! We will cover thread weights, seam guides and seam allowance widths to achieve a perfect 9-patch block.
Friday August 20th 2-4:30pm
Carrie Hargrave $30
Level 1

Figuring your own Yardage
Harriet will walk you through the easy steps of figuring yardage for your projects. Come learn this easy to learn calculator method. This is a great way to keep you from over buying fabric for your quilts.
Friday July 30th 10-1pm
Harriet Hargrave $25

Basic Binding
Let Harriet walk you through finishing your quilts with her foolproof methods for sharp mitered corners, perfectly joined ends and flat, filled, (not floppy) binding.
Saturday July 24th 12-4pm
Harriet Hargrave $30

Basic Heirloom Machine Quilting Harriet is known internationally as the originator of the machine quilting revolution in the early 1980’s. Her book Heirloom Machine Quilting created a new era in quilting. Harriet’s teaching skills, and your desire to master the technique, can turn you into an excellent machine quilter. This two-day class – made up of lectures, demos and hands-on practice time – gives you plenty of time to grasp the techniques… and you are quilting feathers by 3pm on the 2nd day! Promise! Please be sure to make arrangements so that you do not have to leave class early.
Sat & Sun July 10th & 11th Sat:
9:30-5pm, Sun: 10am-5:30pm
Harriet Hargrave $150

Check out the next blog posting Quilter's Academy Summer Class Offerings for the dates for the Quilter's Academy Session II and III classes happening this summer. To sign up for any of these classes please call the store at: (303)424-2742.

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