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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Basic Bits and Pieces and Finishing Classes


Working on Grain

Grain line is critical to accurate piecing. Join Carrie and learn a wonderful and easy way to straighten your fabric before cutting.
Monday Mar 8 1-4pm
Carrie Hargrave $30
Level 1

Rotary Cutting Basics
Learn how to properly hold a rotary cutter and to cut accurately. Ruler shortcuts will be included.
Monday Mar 22 1-4pm
Carrie Hargrave $30
Level 1

Mastering an Accurate Seam Allowance
Are your 12” blocks “exactly” 12” when finished? If they aren’t - you need this class! We will cover thread weights, seam guides and seam allowance widths to achieve a perfect 9-patch block.
Monday Apr 5 2-5pm
Carrie Hargrave $30
Level 1

How to Figure Yardage
Harriet will walk you through the easy steps of figuring yardage for your projects. Come learn this easy to learn calculator method. This is a great way to keep you from over buying fabric for your quilts.
Monday Apr 26 10-12pm
Harriet Hargrave $20
Level 1

Mitering Mastery
Do mitered corners make you crazy, but a beautiful border stripe or print would be just the thing to make your quilt elegant? Harriet will share her tips on getting perfect mitered corners on borders as well as splicing prints for borders.
Thursday Jun 10 10-1pm
Harriet Hargrave $30
Level 3


Which Marking Tool

Are you baffled by all the marking tools available and don’t know which to choose? With a little explanation and a lot of experimentation you will learn how to test marking tools, make samples and make the appropriate choice for your quilt.
Monday Apr 12 1-4pm
Carrie Hargrave $30
Level 1

Transferring Quilt Designs
Perplexed by how to get quilt designs onto your quilt top? Harriet will walk you through at least 10 different methods. Experienced beginner or intermediate machine quilting skills required.
Wednesday Jun 16 10-4:30pm
Harriet Hargrave $50
Level 4

Basic Binding
Let Harriet walk you through finishing your quilts with her foolproof methods for sharp mitered corners, perfectly joined ends and flat, filled, (not floppy) binding.
Thursday June 24 12-5pm
Harriet Hargrave $40
Level 4

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